Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Enemy at Home: Confederate and African American Women within the Missouri Wartime Household

QU History Professor Presents Paper at Conference.

Megan Boccardi, Quincy University visiting assistant professor of history, recently presented her paper, "The Enemy at Home: Confederate and African American Women within the Missouri Wartime Household,” at the 53rd Annual Missouri Conference on History. This year’s conference was held in Kansas City, Mo., on April 14 and 15.

The paper explores the relationship between southern sympathizing white women and African American women in the shared environment of the wartime household in Missouri during the Civil War. Boccardi argues that the household became a battleground during the war as women at home struggled over the contentious issues at the core of the larger war, most importantly the issue of slavery. White women tried to maintain the institution and the structure of the white household as African American women worked to break down those same institutions.

A link to the conference program can be found here: shs.umsystem.edu/mch/program/

Megan Boccardi

Megan Boccardi
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