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Madam C. J. Walker's Legacy: A Women in Business Lecture Series

2011 Women in Business Lecture Series Program: January

Named in honor of Madam C. J. Walker, the first self-made female millionaire in US history, Walker's Legacy: A Women in Business Lecture Series is a quarterly series designed to enhance leadership skills, create networking and learning opportunities and bring exposure to emerging trends in business for women. The program is an initiative of the NMC Consulting Group, held in conjunction with the DC Office of Women's Policy & Initiatives and the DC Commission for Women. 2011 marks the second year of the Walker’s Legacy program which was founded in 2010 to address economic development needs of women in Washington, DC and beyond.

“This lecture series is an excellent opportunity for professional women to gain valuable insight from those who have been successful in their careers,” says Director of the Office on Women's Policy and Initiatives, Niambi Jarvis.

January 19, 2011: "Passion. Persistence. Profit. A Road to Someplace Better”
Featuring Lillian Lincoln Lambert

Madam Walker, age 42. A'Lelia Bundles/Walker Family Collection

Madam C. J. Walker
A captivating speaker she speaks about the power of persistence, resilience, courage and morality in surmounting hurdles that prevent people from reaching their full potential. As the first African American woman to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School and having become a barrier-breaking entrepreneur in the mid 1970's, she draws upon her experiences to show how to use obstacles and barriers as stepping stones to higher levels of achievement and success. Understanding the power of storytelling, she uses her personal story to inspire audiences to dream big, act bold and pave their own paths.
As a business coach, she works with businesses and individuals to help them go beyond their preconceived limitations and achieve their goals and aspirations. Her education gives her the theoretical knowledge and when combined with on the job experience she brings a unique expertise that shows companies how to be successful.

In March 2010, Enterprising Magazine inducted Lambert into the Hall of Fame where she was subsequently featured on the cover of their April 2010 edition. Lillian is also the recipient of numerous other awards, including Harvard Business School's African American Alumni Association's Bert King Award; MBA of the Year, Harvard Business School African American Alumni Association; Small Business Person of the Year, State of Maryland; Entrepreneur of the Year, Black MBA Association; Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses, Washington Business Journal; and Finalist, Entrepreneur of the Year.

January 19, 2011 Historic Sumner Museum 1201 17th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036

Office on Women’s Policy and Initiatives 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 223 Washington, DC 20004 (202) 724-1516

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